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The iThemes and PluginBuddy Affiliate Program and You

One of the best ways to build a business is through word-of-mouth advertising and referrals ….

You and I know that nothing beats an honest and transparent recomendation about a product or service. In that effort we’re seeking to improve the quality of our affiliate program.

It’s probably not news that we get a LOT of people asking about our iThemes & PluginBuddy affiliate program (which we do have and are the same program).

I just wanted to take a minute to mention some things about it and how you can benefit from it … and more importantly your audience/readership/those you can built trust with!


Here’s some quick notes ….

  • Here’s where you can sign up …. we gotta have your tax information before we can get you into the system … this makes the government and my wife, who is our CFO, very happy
  • Our affiliate program pay 25% commission …
  • The best way to help sell our products is by being a customer yourself …. we’d much rather you actually USE our products so we feel good about you recommending them. (By the way, you can’t purchase through your own affiliate link.)
  • We’re trying to improve our affiliate program by offering ads and things you can use, including affiliate links to our free products to help you drive more traffic our way and ultimately more sales commission for you!


Our best affiliates are the ones who have their own built-in audiences. They’ve been developing an online readership for a while who needs our products and built up a certain level of trust with them.

Here’s a couple of things I’d suggest doing ….

  • Start a blog — our best affilates have awesome, content-driven, practical blogs on a niche subject who needs or is looking for the solutions we offer. What’s your background? Is it in real estate, or sales, or [insert some niche industry]? Do those people and contacts need websites and the benefits that using WordPress can do for them? If so, this might be a great blog to start in that field.
  • Build an email list — in my opinion email is still the best way to drive sales. Email keeps you and your content on the top of mind of your audience. Whenever we send an email out through our business, the next day is typically a large sales day for us. Email works.
  • Do honest and thorough reviews of our products — As I mentioned earlier, the best way to recommend a product is to actually use it yourself. This is why we promote HostGator hosting so heavily (we use it and love it).

Check out more details about our Affiliate Program here


  1. Hi Cory

    Just a quick question about taxation (hope you can stay awake) and your affiliate scheme. I plan to promote your poducts once I have a completed/credible site. What is the position for a UK taxpayer?

    My dog, (Abacus) has an overseas low tax status, whilst I had to move my cat (Profit) to an overseas tax haven as my dog kept trying to eat it for dinner.

    Seriously, though, does your scheme cater for overseas tax payers (or non payers in my case)?

    Dictated from my prison cell





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