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The WordPress Solution to the BP Oil Spill

Over at PluginBuddy.com, we’ve been monitoring the BP oil spill; it’s now our daily soap opera. Our team joined the rest of the world in enjoying the failed attempts to plug the pipeline, the diamond saw wielding submarine robots, and the impressionist oil painting. However, it is time to stop having fun and get down to business as this is now destroying the environment and wreaking economic havoc in the Gulf.

We’ve heard potential solutions ranging from golf balls to nuclear bombs and have dined on the wisdom and insight from experts such as director James Cameron, George Clooney, and Bono. Like many uneducated and dumb people who have no petroleum engineering experience with an emphasis on underwater robotics, we too believe that we just might have the right solution.

Without a doubt, we have a simple, easy, and quick solution that will get us out of this mess and on with our lives. Our calculations and wildly-speculative theories may seem absurd to the general education majors of the world, but our fancy whiteboard drawings and hastily-rendered animated models will silence all criticism.

Powered by 100% GPL and well-indented PHP software, our solution — indeed, the solution — simply needs to be tested in the open waters.

For details on our solution, please watch our proof of concept video. Our lead engineer Dustin Bolton explains our proposed solution and demonstrates how we can quickly plug the leak.

Yes, PluginBuddy Cares.



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