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iThemesRoadtrips: We’re Heading to WordCamp Boulder in an RV July 9-12

As you know our team tries to attend as many WordCamps as we can (having been to San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Raleigh and Boston in the past) ….

WordCamps are opportunities for us to meet our community, hang out with our fellow WordPress developers, share our expertise and experience are speakers occasionally, and of course … have some fun.

This time, we’ve decided to do something totally different for the next trip: WordCamp Boulder.

We’re going on a roadtrip … in an RV!

Yes, an RV! With 6 guys packed in it!

This came about because we realized Chris, our lead developer for iThemes Builder, desperately need a break …. see what happened in this video:

You can follow along with our adventures at iThemesRoadtrips.com. We’ll be blogging, tweeting and of course doing some videos along the way.

In the meantime, here’s some things to do ….

  • Register for WordCamp Boulder on July 10 and join us!
  • Sign up for special Roadtrip emails as we drive the iThemes RV out of Oklahoma City
  • Follow @ithemes on Twitter because we’re going to have fun & post some pics & notes – maybe you can vote on our side trips!
  • Bookmark iThemesRoadtrips.com where we’ll be posting other fun stuff
  • Check out the 7-passenger RV we’re renting – and know it’ll never be the same
  • Let us know if you live between OKC and Boulder … then between Boulder and Durango, Co. …. and somewhere in New Mexico back to OKC! We’d love to stop and have coffee or lunch if we can. :)
  • Tell somebody that a bunch of goofy geeks are loading up in an RV to go on a 4-day roadtrip through the Rockies (without great access to the Internet)
  • Pray for us! 6 guys in one RV?! Are you serious?!


  1. Recommended Stops for Photos:

    1. Castle Island in Kansas
    Some crazy dude turned his entire backyard into a medieval castle. Perfect for “team” photos.

    2. The Largest Ball of Twine
    Wouldn’t that be awesome if the iThemes crew tried to “unwind” the twine!!!

    3. The Garden of Eden: The EIGHTH Wonder of Kansas Art
    Somebody was smoking something crazy for this one.

    4. The HOLE that the guy who shot John Wilkes Booth lived in for a while.
    The iThemes office could relocate into his hole in the ground.

    5. The WONDER TOWER (this one is on the way in Colorado)
    Just plain craziness. Is in the Guiness Book of World Records for several things. Including pickled two-headed cows, rooster eyeglasses, camel nose bells, and a walrus penis.

    Just some helpful tips to get you to “stretch” your legs during your trip.



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