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Videos: Who We Are and What We’re About

I did these short videos this week to highlight some of the core values and philosophies that define us as a team and business.

My purpose in these videos is simple: I want you to get to know us and what we’re about at our core.

They can also double as our team handbook as we preach and teach these daily.

If you know who we are, then you’ll better understand how and why we do things, deepen your relationship and trust with us, and ultimately, be happier in our community knowing these things, which makes us happy!


  1. Great set of videos, Cory. Presenting yourself as a regular guy, unscripted and perhaps a bit vulnerable, goes a long way towards endearing yourself to your customers. I’m in for the long haul! :-)

    And by-the-way, I can’t say enough about how gracious and accommodating James has been with me since I joined your community. He takes the time to fully respond to my questions no matter how frivolous them may be. I’m real glad I found you guys, and I’m looking forward to a long relationship.


  2. I’m just starting to learn wordpress, but I’ve been on the net since before it was a net I put up my son’s website for his fledgling business in about 1993. [djay.com is not a wordpress site – but his new site(s) will be] It was never expected to make any money, just to have a presence in the community.

    Back “in the day” there was a tradition of “giving back to community” on the net. I’ve really missed that sense of community – So, I have no words to say how delighted I am to know it still exists – radiating out from right there in Oklahoma City!!

    My son Brian now has a successful business, with a business model that seems so much like yours. He started out as a dj. He was a pioneer in making dj’s a professional occupation, and loves to attend the professional DJ seminars.

    There is a great commitment and loyalty within his family, his company community, and his community of clients.

    After 9-11, as corporate business clients declined, clients began to come in from the internet, and now most of the business is by word of mouth and/or over the web. They are always coming up with new things, and striving to “tweak” current things. […and they still let me “do” the website.]

    Thank you so much for sharing your story(s)!
    sometimes it is easy to forget that earning an honest living in a joyful way, and being a contributing part of community, are great blessings. There are many people who do not know what it feels like to love the work that they do.


  3. Cory and the iThemes team,

    Appreciate these videos. We love working with you guys when we can and have enjoyed the products we’ve purchased from you. Still trying to learn Builder but we’ll get there.

    Thanks for the openness and honesty in these videos.


  4. Thanks Cory for the videos and being real with your community.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to your continued success through the products and information you deliver.

    You have built an awesome team as well as some awesome products!


  5. Keep up the good work Cory.

    Great set of videos. Lots of thought put into it (although we get to hear it every Tuesday at 11:00 ;-). Seriously though, I appreciate your desire to get to know your community and feel like it adds value to your products which are excellent on their own.



  6. Well that was a very enjoyable tea-break for me over here in the UK, very nice getting to know you better and what you and iThemes is all about, I already know how awesome you guys are from the support forum, having used builder since it’s beginning (soooo glad I clicked that link in an email, almost didn’t) I also know you go above and beyond the call of duty many, many times. Two more things:

    1) Totally agree with you about the “charging for a WordPress product”! and
    2) Glad to hear you have a sense of humor and we can poke fun at you lol


  7. Ok, This did it! After a month of “research” on finally putting on the big boy pants and making a move to using the one of the top premium theme creators… in about 2 minutes Im getting builder. Heres why: THESE VIDEOS… AND… a post by Chris Lema. Period. Hope it’s as easy as it’s cracked up to be. Tell your sales team these videos are what sealed the deal for me!! Nice going; total confidence in ithemes finally. :-)



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