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WordPress 3.0 Released

The greatly anticipated WordPress 3.0 launch has finally come. We highly recommend that you read the official release announcement on WordPress blog. The announcement post contains a couple of great videos about the release. The first video is a quick walkthrough of what is new in 3.0. The second video is Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word presentation at this year’s WordCamp San Francisco and covers a history of how WordPress got its start, what philosophies have driven its development to this new 3.0 release, and where the focus is for the future of WordPress.

As with any major WordPress release, there is concern over whether your plugins and themes will be compatible. Wondering what will happen when you click that upgrade button is a valid concern.

We should say that before doing any major upgrades, you should always do a full backup of your site. If you don’t currently have a backup process, please checkout BackupBuddy. We developed this plugin specifically to help our customers do easy, fast, reliable backups. Beyond offering fast, complete backups, BackupBuddy also supports restoring your site from the backup and migrating the site to another domain and/or server (this makes spinning up a test site to try out the upgrade very quick and easy to do).

For many months now, we have tested all of our themes and PluginBuddy has tested its plugins with the development versions of 3.0. We are pleased to announce that all of our themes and of the PluginBuddy plugins work properly with the new 3.0 release.

Beyond just having functional compatibility, we are extremely excited to start taking advantage of the new 3.0 features. Our first focus is to add support for the new Menus feature. Both Builder and our Flexx series of themes have full support for Menus right now. Over the next week or two, we are dedicated to getting full Menus compatibility added to all of our themes.

The new Network feature that allows for having multiple sites on a single installation is another very exciting feature. For those who aren’t familiar with this feature, it is the result of merging the WordPress Mu code with the main WordPress code. No longer will there be two different versions of the code. From our testing and reports from our users that have tested this new feature, all of our themes function properly with this new Network feature.

Another exciting new feature is the custom post types. While not technically new to 3.0, only now can developers take full advantage of the feature and offer users a consistent interface. We have a very exciting new Builder child theme in development that takes advantage of this feature. So, stay tuned for more news on this exciting new child theme.

As always, if you have an upgrade problem or feature request, please stop by our forums and let us know what your needs are.

In closing, we’d like to mention that this new WordPress version release represents a huge investment of time and energy by hundreds of people. While a list of people that contributed code can be found in the announcement post, there are many, many more that contributed ideas, tested code, wrote documentation, created translations, and moved the project forward in a huge variety of ways. The iThemes, PluginBuddy, and WebDesign teams would like to extend our thanks to the hard efforts of the hundreds of people that made this release possible and would like to ask our customers to share their appreciation as well. Please consider donating to the WordPress Foundation, blogging about the new release, or simply sending out a tweet with #wordpress that shows your appreciation for everyone’s hard work.

Here’s a video tutorial on using BackupBuddy to backup your WordPress site


  1. I received a panicky email from a colleague who hasn’t backed up his WP blog and doesn’t know how to. I told him about BackupBuddy and sent him the link to your tutorial. May I suggest that you write an article about BackupBuddy with a link to the tutorial for those who need to backup their blogs before they upgrade to 3.0

  2. Any quick Video Tutorials on how to perform Backup w/ this plugin. Also, is there an auto feature that will perform it on a scheduled basis w/out manual input?




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