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How to Backup WordPress Easily

Although there are some free plugins and services out there that do WordPress backups, we felt we had something significant to add to the equation …. to provide an easy way to backup your WordPress sites … AND restore them if you have a hosting crash.

So we created BackupBuddy … our all-in-one solution for backups, restores and migrations in WordPress.

This came out of our own pain of going through a server crash where we lost entire sites — content, themes, everything — and had to scramble to get all these backup somewhere.

Here’s some of the things BackupBuddy does that we think rises above:

  • Do FULL backups – including themes, plugins, even widgets – the whole enchilada
  • Schedule automatic backups - make it automated and schedule full backups and database only one … then store off site
  • Restore your WordPress site - most free plugins do backups only …. but what about when you want to restore it after a crash? BackupBuddy through our ImportBuddy feature does that with minimal effort.
  • Migrate a site from one host to another or live domain – if you’re ready to move hosting but don’t want to have to rebuild your site from scratch, this is a VITAL feature for you. Developers love it! They can build client sites on a sandbox, playground or dev domain, then move it easily (and intact) to a live one!

Check out more details on BackupBuddy here

Here’s a video tutorial I did to show you how BackupBuddy backups work:

Our iThemes lead developer Chris Jean gave a free workshop on finetuning your WordPress backup strategy here:

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