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BackupBuddy Now Supports Amazon S3 and FTPs

Since the release of our blockbuster plugin BackupBuddy in March, one of the biggest feature requests for our all-in-one backup, restore and migration solution has been Amazon S3.

Today, Dustin Bolton, our lead developer for PluginBuddy, released BackupBuddy v. 1.2.0 that now includes support for backing up to Amazon S3 as well as FTPs.

Amazon S3 is a remote cloud-based storage system. With BackupBuddy’s new support this allows you to back up your entire blog’s files, settings, content, and database to off-site storage resulting in added security and reliability of your files.

BackupBuddy cutomers: Although we think these new features are stable, they are currently in beta since we just rolled them out. Please test a backup using Amazon S3 and FTPs and report any issues you have in the BackupBuddy forum.

You can get the new version by upgrading through your WordPress Dashboard, or downloading from the member’s only area.


  1. Hate to ask a stupid question, but can you be more specific about what “support for Amazon s3 and FTP’s means? I store most of my audio and video files on s3 and use your plug in to back up my WL/WP membership site. Do you mean backup buddy will now in addition to backing up my wp files also backs up content I have on s3? Or have I mis-understood?

  2. Right now, you can backup via FTP or your local installation on your web server. This upgrade adds the ability for the software to backup to Amazon’s S3 servers as well, but you’ll need to pay them for the space you use.

    For some reason, I don’t think you can FTP into S3 – and you can’t FTP into Rackspace Cloud Files either.

    This upgrade will not back up the files you have on S3 – at least I’m pretty certain it will not. (I’m not an employee)

  3. I’m the BackupBuddy Developer.

    This update will allow you to store your backups on the Amazon S3 system provided redundancy and added safety to your backup files. Before this update there was no way to save your backups to S3 except manually.

    This update allows for both sending individual files to S3 as well as scheduled backups being sent to S3.

  4. Great work guys. I would love to see a Dropbox integration though since this service provides a good balance of an online/offline backup solution, and its pretty popular with the indy developer crowd.

    There are already a few WordPress Dropbox plugins, but they look like they were written before the official API was released and now dont seem to be too stable. The Dropbox API appears to be well documented, with a solid community behind it.

    Anyone else support this notion?

    Thanks again

  5. Could S3 be a solution to large file backups, such as the ones that are likely to occur in a WP 3.0 Multi-Site build?

    Also, do you have any other information about using BackupBuddy with Multi-Site?

  6. Jason, I’ll have to ask Dustin about it ….

    BTW – we fixed the Mac “folder exclude” problem you mentioned in Chicago.

  7. @Cory

    I definitely noticed the folder select change–thanks for lending an ear.

    Please keep me updated on the WP 3.0 Multi-Site status, as well. I haven’t seen any documentation on the site regarding the plugin’s ability to handle these unwieldy sites, and I would love to know a work-around if possible.



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