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LisaSabin-Wilson.com Switches To Builder

We love when people make our themes their own. With design touches, additional functions and their own personal flavor, we’ve seen some amazing sites built using our framework, Builder. Lisa Sabin-Wilson, of WordPress For Dummies and E.Webscapes fame, recently redesigned her personal site using Builder. Our team has gotten to hang out with Lisa a lot lately at SXSW and WordCamps across the country and we’ve had a lot of fun. She even braved the RV Roadtrip with us. So we’ve had plenty of time to preach to her the merits of Builder and frameworks in general.

Lisa started E.Webscapes Design Studio in 1998 and has been designing custom web sites with WordPress for years. So it’s really cool to see an experienced designer show us her perspective on what Builder can do. She’s using some interesting elements across the site, like CSS rotate image element, layered background images and TypeKit font importer. Check it out to see some awesome stuff you can do with Builder. Even her stylesheet is full of “creative juice.”




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