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WordPress 3.0, Gravity Forms, and a new show at WebDesign.com

The current weather here in Washington DC is considered a CODE RED. The heat and humidity have combined to make it a miserable mess when you walk outside. And to make matters worse, a fast moving and powerful storm caused so much damage that it caused my firestation to move to a “Condition #2”, which caused me to head down to the station for some duty time. This is the reason why you are receiving this update just a tad late today. (Also due to the fact that the before mentioned storm knocked out our power for quite a while.)

I wanted to take a moment before this week begins to highlight some upcoming webinars we have planned here at WebDesign.com and also let everyone know of a brand new event taking place this week. Yes, you are hearing this before anyone else because you have subscribed to this email update.

First, several webinars you should have on your calendar:

On Wednesday, July 28th, from 11am – Noon (Central Time), I’ll be hosting a free webinar called “WordPress 3.0 – Are you still on the fence?“. WordPress 3.0 has been out for a month. Are you still on the fence? Do you want someone to show you step-by-step the different and new areas of WordPress 3.0 so that you will feel comfortable upgrading your site? Then this is the perfect webinar for you. Join us for just an hour and you’ll be ready to hit that Upgrade button.
Reserve your seat: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/725320714

Then on Saturday, July 31st, from 8am-Noon (Central Time), I’ve got a PREMIUM webinar called “Cracking the Gravity Forms Code”. Gravity Forms is not just a simple form creation plugin, it is powerful enough to be so much more. Over the course of this live webinar, participants will learn how to make Gravity Forms work for them to add stunning new functionality to WordPress sites. If you are serious about providing the best quality to your clients, come learn why Gravity Forms is a must install plugin for developers. The cost of this premium class is $79.00. Reserve your seat today! Remember that all WebDesign.com members can attend this class for free as part of their membership. Members can find their free member’s registration link once they login.

Second, a brand new event has been added to the calendar for this week:

On Thursday, July 29th, from 1pm-2pm (Central Time), I’ll be hosting the first ever “Course Unveiling Party”. During this fun live webinar I’ll be revealing all the new courses for the month of September. We’ve got some great topics ranging from developer focused, designer focused, freelancing/business focused and more.
Reserve your seat: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/332242467

Third, meet the Professor in September:

On September 11, 2010, WordCamp MidAtlantic will be hosting their event at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. This is a great time to get involved in the greater WordPress community as well as meet me, Benjamin Bradley. If you’re planning on heading to WordCamp MidAtlantic or have any questions, just email me  and I’ll see if I can help answer them. For more information and to register for WordCamp MidAtlantic: http://wordcampmidatlantic.com/

Finally, I would never lose an opportunity to pass out a discount:

Which is what I sent to people who are on the WebDesign.com email list.  If you want great discounts and opportunities for discounts, you need to be signed up for our email list.  To sign up and start receiving upcoming event alerts and great discounts head over here and insert your email in the form on the left.

Till next time… the Professor (Benjamin) is out!


  1. Would love to be informed when the next Gravity Form seminar will be held.. and if I could have a look at the program so I can consider if it’s right for me?

      • Hi Juarez,
        We definitely have a Gravity Forms webinar scheduled for May. The schedule for April is pretty jam packed, but I’ll let Benjamin know there is a request.
        April’s schedule of webinars will be posted next week.




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