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EmailBuddy: WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin Out In Beta

Dustin Bolton, lead developer of our PluginBuddy brand, just released EmailBuddy Beta today and we’re super excited to get this version out to our PluginBuddy Developer Suite customers.

We’ve decided to make EmailBuddy only available for Developer Suite customers as we think our developer community will be able to fully take advantage (while not abusing) what EmailBuddy can do for their clients.

What is EmailBuddy?

EmailBuddy is an email newsletter solution for WordPress. Building email lists around your blog, or your products and services, is a vital marketing function. Despite the popularity of social media like Twitter and Facebook, email marketing is not dead. You can’t rely on people coming back to your site or knowing about your new launches. Simple text-based group emails are extremely effective at getting your message out to the right audience. With EmailBuddy, you can do that and more! Check out all the details of EmailBuddy here …

If you’re currently a Developer Suite customer, you can download the beta now in the member’s only area, and submit bug reports as well as feature requests in the forum here.



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