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WordPress Developer Course

WordPress Developer Course

The Premier WordPress Developer Course

This is the premier developer focused course that teaches attendees how to use WordPress as the backbone and platform of all development projects. This is an advanced, intensive and comprehensive live training event geared to give developers the necessary tools to develop solid websites.

This course will take place over the place over the course of 3 days.  Wednesday, August 25th (6-8pm), Friday, August 27th (6-8pm), and Saturday, August 28th (8am-Noon) (All Central Time). So what is this course and who is it for?

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to create a better WordPress website for themselves or for their clients.  In order to understand how to “think outside the box” and create some creative uses for WordPress, you first need to understand the box.  This WordPress Developer Course will help you understand the box so you can make WordPress work for you and not have to do all the heavily lifting of development yourself.

Prerequisites: Some of you may be concerned that this course will be over your head or you are wondering if this is the right class to take.  It is helpful if you have worked with WordPress before and have used or seen how the iThemes Builder theme is used. It is also helpful if you don’t freak out when you look at CSS.  Most people, regardless of their level are going to find enormous benefits of attending this WordPress Developers Course.

Cost: This course costs $297 for non-WebDesign.com members.  Purchase and reserve your space today.  But all WebDesign.com members can attend this full 3-day course for no extra charge.  To learn more about WebDesign.com membership and benefits, check out our training page.

So what topics are going to be covered in during the 3-day event:

  • Advanced Installation
    • Installing WordPress from SSH (or command line) to eliminate slow FTP wait
    • Multisite installation
    • Fully understand the wp-config.php file and all options
  • Dealing with Security
    • Understanding security through obscurity
    • Patch or fix common security issues (holes)
    • Communicating security to your client
  • Finding the right plugin
    • Discover which plugins should be part of your Developer Toolbox
    • Learn unconventional uses for popular plugins
  • Write your own plugin
    • We will write our own Admin dashboard plugin, using a simple plugin framework that participants can replicate
    • Understand when you should modify a current plugin or write your own
  • Themes
    • We will be using the Builder theme
    • Building a child theme from scratch
    • Learn when to use style.css & when to us Style Manager
    • Learn unconventional uses for Builder
  • Understand the WordPress Loop
  • Dealing with Custom Post Types
    • How to create a custom post type with code and also with a plugin
    • Choose when you use a custom post type and when you just use categories and tags
    • Assigning a layout in Builder based on custom post types
  • The Functions.php file
    • Use the functions.php file to make your life and the life of your client easier
    • Create your own set of shortcodes
    • Learn when to use functions.php and when to use plugins
  • Manipulate your site with Hooks: Actions and Filters
  • You can learn more about this live training webinar and additional webinars WebDesign.com offers at our events page.  If you want to have a live calendar feed of all WebDesign.com webinars, download the WebDesign.com ICAL file.


    1. Just what I’m looking for….

      I’m not a training.ithemes.com member, yet….so if I miss the course itself, I can access it later, by videos, at any time, if I’m a member? Correct?

      I can’t seem to get an answer to this question by using the training.ithemes.com enquiry form, so I’m asking it here.


      • Yes, all members have access to watch all replays of WebDesign.com live training events. So even if you missed a live event you’ll be able to view the full chat logs from the chat room as well as rewatch the recordings.



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