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WordPress For Dummies 3rd Edition is Out!

WordPress for DummiesThis is long overdue … but WordPress for Dummies 3rd Edition is now out and available by our good friend Lisa Sabin-Wilson.

I just posted a review on Amazon.com but wanted to post it here and tell you to go get it!

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Lisa Sabin-Wilson personally, read WordPress for Dummies, and can honestly say her expertise and talent is so rich that I’d highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to use WordPress.

It’s a great starting place for those just getting into WordPress, but also a great reference for your bookshelf for those of us who have used WP for a while now.

As an active (and successful) web designer using WordPress (her company is E.Webscapes), she’s in code almost every day and I’ve leaned on her knowledge and asked her input and feedback many, many times for our own WP projects.

WordPress continues to get better and better with each new version and seeing the third edition of WordPress for Dummies is exciting to know that THE guide for WordPress is also keeping up with this awesome software.

We’ve given Lisa’s book out to many of our community members, and yes, even my own mom, and will do the same with this new updated version.

I treasure my signed copy. And because she frequently speaks at WordCamps around the US, you can get yours too.”


Congratulations Lisa, from your friends and goofballs at iThemes!


  1. Cory – thank you for this review and your words! I have sincerely enjoyed the opportunity given over the past year in getting to know you, and all the goofballs at iThemes! You guys are terrific – – good people and great products! Love sitting in on your weekly iThemes.tv broadcast, too – – everyone should!

    And your Mom has my book! That’s exciting :)

    I treasure our friendship a great deal, love your team and can’t wait for the next RV roadtrip!



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