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BackupBuddy 1.3 Released

We’ve just pushed version 1.3 out of our hit premium plugin BackupBuddy.

This version improves usability, adds additional guidance, and adds improved compatibility for the restore and migration process as well as several other things.

As I’ve talked with WordPress developers, we always joke that we should have named it MigrationBuddy instead of BackupBuddy, simply because when we tell developers about how you can easily mirror local WP sites (where they design client sites before going live) onto live clients sites — taking all the themes, plugins, WordPress settings and widgets (an exact mirror of the site) — they almost fall out of their chairs.

BackupBuddy’s restore and migration functions make it VERY fast and easy to do.

So without further ado, here’s the new features and fixes in BackupBuddy 1.3:

  • Major importbuddy.php rewrite for enhanced compatibility & improved features.
    • Added a new compatibility mode (medium speed) to importbuddy for a total of three modes of operation: Full high speed (normal mode), medium speed (compatibility mode with ZipArchive), and low speed (compatibility mode with PCLZip).
    • Added a text logging system to both BackupBuddy itself and importbuddy.php with user-selectable logging (errors only, errors + warnings, log everything). This allows for better debugging and technical support, particularly when odd situations occur.
    • Added more thorough error checking to the entire import process to detect problems earlier.
    • Added more detailed mysql connection checking when clicking the ‘Test Database Settings’ button to make it easier to correct mysql database setting problems.
    • Added new options to force a certain compatibility mode if automatic mode detection is failing due to server settings.
    • Improved directions and tooltips to better explain the process and walk the user through the steps.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed FTP system not sending scheduled sends in some situations.
    • Fixed default FTP type on manual FTP sending to properly indicate the selected mode in settings.

You can also learn more about BackupBuddy updates and features on our BackupBuddy Codex here.


  1. I’m hoping the upgrade is an improvement. After trying for about 6 hours the other day, I gave up and built the new website manually. Backup Buddy was just not working for me.

  2. Yes, I did post a question and at first I thought the answer helped, but after looking closer I still had the same problem. Rather than spend more time futzing with it, I just did it manually.

    HOWEVER – I used the new Backup Buddy plugin yesterday on another site and it worked like a charm.

    So I am now confident in it and recommend it. I plan to use it extensively.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Guys

    I just want to say thank you for a wonderful plugin.

    It was extremely helpful when I wanted to copy the plugins and especially the settings from my old blog to my new one.

    What a time saver! Helped me to remain sane :)



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