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Our Customer Loyalty Discount Program

It’s been well over a year ago when we switched our pricing model to a membership model for upgrades and support. We did it because we firmly believe that in order to build a long-term stable business like ours where we continue to roll out great new products and features as well as continue to support an ever-growing community, we need ongoing revenue stream for that.

The reality is …. our customer base grows each new day, which means our support and maintenance burdens grow each new day. So the membership/subscription model is our chosen method for all this, and frankly, the ONLY model for doing what we do. (This is the same model that the software industry has had for years … because it’s a business reality.)

By the way, I’m not griping about having an ever growing community! It’s a great “problem” to have! We want to have a vibrant, active community who support us as we support them in their businesses for years to come.

But here’s one reality within WordPress: Every day it seems like I see a new theme or plugin site pop up in WordPress offer similar products as we do.

The positive aspect about that is … competition is good for YOU … and WordPress. It keeps US sharp and innovative. We can’t simply rest on past achievements or let our quality suffer, because someone is always ready to take our place in your minds, hearts, and ultimately, pocketbooks.

The negative aspect about that is … and just let me be blunt and honest … we’re building a business that will be here in a couple of months and a couple of years when you have a question or WordPress updates and you need compatible plugins and themes for it. We’re not a fly by night, or even solo venture or faceless company like so many of these I’ve seen. I started this business in my home in January 2008. We have a proven track record and a solid business model, backed by an amazing TEAM of people here in Oklahoma City and around the globe dedicated to helping you (currently that’s 13 people, by the way). We’re investing in our future and your future.


So today, we’re announcing the new iThemes and PluginBuddy Customer Loyalty Program which gives our community 25% off of their membership renewals as well as any of their product purchases after their first purchase.

The Customer Loyalty Program is a way for us to thank you for your continued support of our work and team.

If you are a current iThemes and/or PluginBuddy customer, you can get your coupon code on our member’s only support forum here.

Note: This does not apply to our Upgrades policy, which allows you to upgrade from a single theme or plugin purchase to a bigger combo package for the price difference.

Here’s to the future! Thank you for being a vital part of it!