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Two Great New Features for iThemes Builder

With iThemes Builder v.2.6, Chris Jean has included two neat feature enhancements that we think should be a hit with our community.

Check out the new feature additions: Duplicate Sidebar Widget and Widget Content.

The Duplicate Sidebar Widget allows for easy duplication of another sidebar’s widgets simply by dropping in the Duplicate Sidebar widget and selecting the sidebar to be duplicated from the drop-down.

Here’s a quick video on the Duplicate Sidebar Widget feature:

The Widget Content feature adds the use of an advanced editor to create widget content. A new Widget Content top-level menu is now on the back-end and allows for creation of widget content with the same interface as posts and pages. Once a Widget Content entry is saved, you can add the Widget Content widget to a sidebar location and select the desired Widget Content entry from the drop down to add that content to a sidebar.

Here’s a quick video on the Widget Content feature:


  1. Wow – these look like great additions to Builder! The Widget Content widget seems to replace the need for the Spectacu.la Page Widget. It’s always nice to have one less third-party plugin on your site. Great work guys!

  2. These are amazing, especially the widget content. Now, if I could update my theme without having to go back in and edit the “comments are closed” out of every theme that I update. That gets really old. Good job, it is awesome to see the stuff you guys are coming up with for Builder, which is by far the best theme on the market.

  3. Hi,

    Nice edition ! This will allow me to add Picture links along my side bars with descriptive text which was lacking with Billboard. I attempted the equivalent when I adjusted the Content Module to the same width as my sidebar and used WordPress’s Editor.

  4. You guys ROCK! This is going to save me untold hours of back and forth copying and pasting, as well as the headache of remembering what’s where.
    I tell my clients I work exclusively with iThemes themes – and this is one of the reasons. The level of commitment to forward thinking is outstanding.

  5. BRAVO! I can’t even fathom how much time these two new features will save me… nice job! I continue to be VERY happy with my decision to invest in the Builder product. YAY!

  6. Wow, what an awesome response to the speed-layout-building conundrum. Thank you guys, for staying on top of your community’s needs and desires. Long live Builder. 😉

  7. Excellent. Any chance of adding ability to change font sizes within a wyswyg window. I would love to be able to change fonts and font sizes within a document, in a page. (not a blog). Particularly for paragraph headings, to read more like book styles of writing.

  8. I love those features. Since using Builder I get more and more inquiries from clients for websites. They love the fact that they can update their websites mostly themselves and that is a big bonus for all of us that work with Builder and puts us apart from the usual HTML webdesigners who charge their clients horrendous fees for updates.

  9. I have downloaded the newest Builder version and looked, but can’t find those features. How do I get those new features?


  10. Wow! I love these features, it’s will make the design so much easier, spesially the Widget Content. So no more HTML codes in widgets, this way my clients can change the widgets by themselves. Thank you iThemes team you’re GREAT!!! :)

  11. Superb, I’ve been waiting for this and it’s like you read my mind! Builder really is the coolest and easiest to use WP creation tool out there. All I want now is a quick and easy way to apply the same Widget CSS styles across different layouts. Great work guys.



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