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New Slideshow Plugin Released

Dustin from PluginBuddy just released the next big plugin for the DisplayBuddy series called Slideshow (see below for a quick video tour).

We think it’s going to be a hit with our community as it allows you to display image in widget ready areas with some amazing new transition effects.

Here’s a description of what it is and does:

Slideshow lets you display image slideshows anywhere on your site with fully customizable animated transitions and advanced effects. Multiple groups of images may be created for use anywhere on your site. Each group can be fully customized.

  • 50 transition special effects including random options.
  • Upload images or use existing Media Library images.
  • Fully customizable speeds & display options.
  • Captions over images.
  • Optional navigation elements, pause on hover, & more.
  • Unlimited groups of images.
  • Widget support
  • Shortcode support
  • Automatic upgrades

You can get Slideshow with several other plugins bundled in the DisplayBuddy series at PluginBuddy.

Click here to purchase, or get more information on Slideshow in the DisplayBuddy plugin package

Click here to purchase, or get more information on Slideshow in the DisplayBuddy plugin package


  1. I love this plug in! It’s a breeze to use and it has so many ways to change images. The translucent caption feature is especially nice, and the short code is a must for including inside pages and posts. Thanks for the great work.

    But I also have a feature request for future versions.

    The automatic image sizing feature makes it very difficult (actually virtually impossible) to combine vertical and horizontal images into a slide show. It would be great to be able to display vertical images and have the plug in display the whole image, albeit smaller and with black or white filler from the edge of the image to the edge of the slide frame. As it is now, if I resize a vertical image small enough to fit within the frame size, the image behind it shows through, which looks weird.

    Great work otherwise. I’ve already thought of several applications for displaying adds, slide shows from events, photos, etc.

  2. I currently have FLEXX PROFESSIONAL.

    I expect to purchase your BUILDER within the next few months.

    1) If I purchase the SLIDE SHOW now, will I be able to apply it to the BUILDER when I obtain it?

    2) a) If / when you develop your VIDEO THEME, do you anticipate it being a THEME or might it also be a PLUGIN such as the Slide Show? b) If a Plugin, will I also be able to use it within any forthcoming Theme purchases?

    Thank you,




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