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Duct Tape Marketing Redesign Launches on iThemes Builder

I’ve known John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing for several years now having worked on his previous site design and collaborating on a free WordPress theme.

Additionally I love his two books … Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine.

A couple of months ago we took on a major client project — the Duct Tape Marketing site redesign — something we normally don’t do at iThemes. And we’re delighted to announce that John has just launched his new site redesign on Builder.

Here’s what John had to say about iThemes Builder in his post announcing the new theme:

The theme is Builder from iThemes and tricked out by the iThemes team to help show how much flexibility this bad boy has. I can’t thank Cory and Chris at iThemes enough for taking this project on. I love Builder and think it is absolutely designed for the user that wants total freedom to create many templates for many uses.

Chris Jean, lead developer for iThemes Builder, took on the project personally, working on it at night and weekends in addition to his other daily roles here.

We took on the project for a couple of reasons ….

  • We wanted to have a client side experience of building a major site in iThemes Builder
  • We wanted to have a showcase site to show prospective customers as well as our existing customers what they can do with iThemes Builder

Through the project he learned a number of things and several recent feature additions came out of it – in particular the Duplicate Sidebar Widget and Widget Content feature.

Because the project was so expansive, with some neat tricks, we wanted to share it as a case study for our community via webinar. Here are the details:

Case Study Webinar: Duct Tape Marketing on iThemes Builder
Thursday, Nov. 18
11 a.m.-Noon Central Standard Time
Reserve your online seat here:




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