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3 Vital Functions of a Complete WordPress Backup Strategy

There are a number of WordPress backup solutions out there. But if you’ve ever actually had to use one of these solutions, you know that rarely does all your content reappear the way it was. That backup file alone is not a fail-safe. A complete WordPress backup strategy must include these three vital elements: Backup, Restore and Migration. BackupBuddy backs up all of your content: posts, images, themes, plugins — your whole WordPress web site. All at once.

The next essential step is restoration. BackupBuddy makes it easy to get your site back exactly the way it was. Because it backs up all of your content (via e-mail, FTP or Amazon S3), it can put it all back with confidence. No more hoping your images come through. Or sifting through a backup file searching for missing pieces.

Another thing that sets BackupBuddy apart from other backup solutions is its ability to migrate your site from one server or URL to another. Your WordPress install is tied directly to your site URL. If you tried to copy everything to a new server or URL, all the links would break and there would be some serious cleanup to do. BackupBuddy makes migration easy. Just upload the backup to the new location, run the import script and BackupBuddy takes care of the rest for you. This function is an essential time-saver for developers who build sites on their own sandbox or development server and want to quickly move it over to the client’s server. With BackupBuddy, you can build the entire site and when it’s ready to go, migrate it over to the live location. What used to be a difficult and time consuming task now takes less than 5 minutes.

A WordPress backup solution isn’t complete without backup, restore and migration. And BackupBuddy has all three.

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