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iThemes Town Hall Input

Leave your questions and comments from the Town Hall meeting here to make sure we don’t miss anything in the chat!


  1. Builder is wonderful, of this I have no doubt. But I do not own it, nor do I have immediate plans to purchase it – I am flat busted broke and everything I have coming is is to keep our family afloat and hopefully get us caught up soon. In the meantime, I do own (developer) Flexx. I love Flexx. It’s flexible “enough” for me.

    I have been getting some interest in doing some real estate sites, and I would much rather prepare a site in Flexx instead of sending the prospect (I provide other real estate services, which is how these prospects find me) to a place like http://www.dakno.com.

    So…. sorry for the long intro there – my question is, are there any plans to make a Flexx Real Estate theme?


    –Sharon Sutinen

  2. Would love to see Shopp plugin integration with Builder & some training on setting Shopp up.
    Unfortunately Shopp’s own support is poor, but Benjamin’s training is fantastic.

  3. WebDesign training topic suggestions:
    1) How To: Use Firebug in Theme and Site development (in-depth)
    2) Custom Post Types in depth and comparison to Pods

    1) For developers who have DEV licenses for the different products (i.e., themes, plugins, etc.) and initially use these for sites that they are developing for clients, need a clearer “transfer of ownership” path when handing over the site to the client. Looking for an easy way to purchase, in the name of the client, a stand-alone license for those themes, plugins, etc. that make the final site and switch out this out with the DEV license that was used during development.

  4. Chris,
    I’m using and like Builder . . . and I like the added capability that blocks like Restaurant add to really fine tune a solution. I can also understand the interest in a Real Estate block. What I struggle with is the trade-off of solutions that are SO specific versus a more “generic” block theme that could be adapted to a wider range of websites.

    From a mechanics perspective, this might be a “dumb” request. I guess my concern is that any block you create may hit much of what an individual client wants, but probably won’t 100% hit the mark. So, what do we do when an issue likes this comes up? I think we need some tools that will allow us to respond to the request without being stumped (or wishing we could be borrow your brain for a few minutes!).

  5. Can we get the following seminars

    how to build a magazine style site 2-4 hours seminar
    how to make a corporate level logo in Photoshop
    how to build affiliate graphics/bannners in photo shop

  6. I use the builder product, which is very nice. Except one thing I wish was included. On the footer area there is no way to create a horizontal list to display the standard information you see on all websites. Even ithemes has a list in the footer area. It would be nice if I could add a list. I need this to display privacy policy, trademark etc…. I understand if I was getting into coding PHP I could do it, but thought it would be nice as a feature. I also wanted to have an acknowledgement selection where I could rant about ithemes and all the other vendors that contributed to my solution. Just having an ithemes link in the footer area only shows ithemes website. It doesn’t let me express my views to my visitors to acknowledge the vendors that helped my dream come true. Just a simple request.



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