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Welcome Sridhar Katakam to iThemes Team

I’m really excited to finally announce that Sridhar Katakam has joined our team in a full-time capacity as one of our awesome support moderators.

Sridhar came to us initially early this year as an iThemes Builder customer … who we noticed was giving stellar support help for fellow community members so we quickly approached him to work with us in a part-time role.

Fast forward to toward to today, with thousands of support posts in our forum and numerous customers helped, he is now able to devote his full-time energy and attention to our work at iThemes, PluginBuddy and WebDesign.com.

I’m personally really excited that we can add another full-time support team member to assist our community with their questions!

Here’s some quick blurbs about Sridhar …

  • He lives in Bangalore, India with his wife and 2.8 year old daughter.
  • He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida, specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics, but has been attracted to Internet technologies and CMSs starting with Postnuke, Joomla, Drupal and finally settling on WordPress.
  • I used to spend a lot of time in WordPress IRC channel and help users at wordpress.org forums.
  • “After purchasing iThemes All Access Theme Pass on Feb. 1, 2010, I tried Builder and was amazed by the endless possibilities it provides to someone like me (advanced WordPress user) in converting existing designs and static sites to WordPress. Started helping out fellow users in Builder support forum and that soon became a part-time job and now full time.”
  • “I am thankful to: Cory, Chris and Ronald of iThemes, Matt Mullenweg for creating WordPress, the developers of Firebug.”
  • His hobbies include: Internet Marketing, collecting songs sung by Kishore Kumar, playing Table Tennis.
  • Check out his blog at http://sridharkatakam.com and follow him on Twitter @srikat.

Welcome Sridhar to our iThemes Team!


  1. This is awesome news! Sridhar has personally helped me before and has always nailed the issue I was having so it’s great news that he has joined the team!


  2. Well done Sridhar!
    You have been helping me out in the Builder forum for almost as long as Builder has been around, so it’s great to see that you are now part of the awesome iThemes team.

    Thank’s Cory for understanding that great support is essential for the future of iThemes. If only other companies had the same vision!


  3. Welcome Sridhar! And thank you ithemes team for recogonizing the value of Sridhar and the support he has given to many of us – including myself.

    He is a GREAT additional to the team!


  4. Congratulations Shridhar – how you managed to put up with all my novice questions is beyond me but you have the patience of a saint!

    Well done and many thanks for all your help in the past few months which have been much appreciated.


  5. I would have sworn he was part of the team full time! Always quick to respond, it seemed like he was always available. Congratulations iThemes for deciding to hire such a valuable person.



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