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iThemes Builder Turns 1


We’re very excited as our blockbuster theme — iThemes Builder — turns one-year-old this month. That’s right, last December we launched Builder to much buzz in our community and in WordPress.

To celebrate we’re doing a couple of things ….

  • iThemes Builder Birthday Blowout — starting next week, we’ll be doing a special blowout sale until Dec. 31, 2010 on Builder. (Details to come!)
  • Birthday Bash — we’re celebrating Builder’s birthday in style on Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 11 a.m. Central Time on iThemesTV … you’ll want to tune in as we giveaway some shirts and other goodies. We’re also releasing another child theme that day so you won’t want to miss the show! http://iThemes.tv

Look for some videos soon in this post as well as an announcement about the blowout sale next week.

In the meantime, we would love to know how iThemes Builder has helped you build great WP websites quickly.

Please leave a comment below about how you’ve used Builder, what you’ve been able to do and of course well wishes!

As you know we’re very proud of iThemes Builder and look forward to many more feature innovations and Builder themes!


  1. We at Toast Creative Group have been using builder exclusively as our frame work. We don’t actually have a web developer on our team but rather graphic designers. We run into issues occasionally but the wonderful support you guys offer, we don’t feel we need a web developer! Your team is our developers!

    We have built about 10 or so sites with builder. We are selling them and making great money! Thanks for all your hard work and we hope to see more child themes for builder soon! Every time you guys make a new child theme, we have a new design we can sell!!!

    I would remiss if I didn’t mention the Image Rotator plug-in is worth the price for builder alone. It always works, always does what it is suppose to. When carousel or sideshow do not work (which I understand are younger plug-ins and break more often) we go back to Image Rotator and it works EVERY-TIME ALL THE TIME!

    Thanks iThemes!

    Ben Pettit

  2. I helped a friend get his lemonade business online with the Builder theme. They designed the graphics for the rotating images plugin and it looks great!

    I love the Style Manager plugin. If you want to make simple changes to the look of your site, it’s the way to go.

    Check it out at http://lemonadebusiness.com


  3. Happy Birthday Builder. More importantly, heartfelt thanks to the team that created this amazing tool… Builder. As a graphic designer, Builder has been a revelation. We don’t think about using anything else now.

    WordPress is great, add Builder and its sensational.

    Thanks iThemes.

    PS: The timing of most of the online trainings are when I am asleep here in Melbourne on the east coast of Australia. Any chance that some could be scheduled later in the day so that we could watch in the morning of the next day. I know we have access to the recordings, but having the opportunity to ask questions would be helpful.

  4. I have to tell you that I just happened upon your website. I began reading more and more and then decided to try it. I purchase the builder and all of the themes. I was taking a chance, or so I thought!

    My partner and I have a thriving business in web design and development. We have clients all over the world. I am now going to be able to push more thru the business.

    I love the openness of the company, such as ideas that I didn’t think about with how to offer the product, bare bones site or fully developed!

    I was just speaking with my partner, and discussed that we are going to use wp to design all of our sites regardless of whether the client wants to maintain or not.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to the company growing and the products coming.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    We appreciate your incredible theme but let’s not forget to mention iThemes support team – the best in the business. The two make an unbeatable combo. Look for some killer examples built on builder very soon.
    Dan Green

  6. Happy Birthday Builder…and Sridhar!
    Builder has helped our cancer survivor non-profit organization redevelop our 340 plus page information website at low cash cost and high quality. We’ve also used builder to quickly deploy advocacy websites, such as http://bonemarrowpetition.org IMHO, Builder is primed to become the gold standard of wordpress developing environments. Thank you, Ithemes…your products, support and community makes us think of you as a partner, rather than a vendor.
    Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW
    Malecare, Inc.

  7. I have often said that the Builder Theme is first theme that every developer should want and the last theme that should ever need.

    I found iThemes about a week before Builder came out – I was SO impressed with Flexx and it’s capabilities – until I saw what Builder could do. (Don’t get me wrong, Flexx is still an awesome theme too).

    I bought Builder before it’s release and have used it (practically) exclusively since it’s release. I say practically because I still have clients that do not see the value or need. Funny that those clients always come back later when they need more ;) . Since using Builder I have built over 100 sites and it never gets old. Builder helped me to define what my business could offer and also showed me where my passion was within web development.

    I have been an iThemes fan since finding them – Builder just sealed the deal that I will be sticking around MUCH longer. Well, OK, that and the team and their stellar support doesn’t hurt either. Thank You iThemes!The Ultimate Solution to WordPress Themes IS iThemes Builder!

  8. Happy Birthday to Builder.

    Looks like, when I started “playing” with WordPress and Builder this spring, I chose right time.

    I love the flexibility of Builder.

    Someone once said, “what my mind can conceive, I can achieve.”

    Thanks to WordPress and Builder, coupled with your WebDesign university, I agree.

  9. Builder is fantastic for both design (layout flexibility) and functionality (powerful features). My first Builder site (http://www.kyso.org/) went so well, I now use it for all the sites I design. And of course, the iThemes support is stellar. Happy Birthday to Builder and thank you, iThemes!



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