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Builder Tip – Use Duplicate Sidebar Widget to Use All Widgets of One Sidebar in Another

In a typical website, we usually have different layouts for home page and for display of other views like post, page, category etc.

Let’s say there are two layouts (which we primarily use) in our iThemes Builder site: Home, Default

and that a view has been added to associate the Home layout with Home view like so:

and that we have set up the widgets of Content module’s right sidebar for Home layout first like so:

Now coming to right sidebar of the content module in “Default” layout if we want to show all the widgets used on our site’s home page in this location plus few more, we can simply drag the Duplicate Sidebar widget that’s provided by default in iThemes Builder, specify the sidebar that we would like to have the widgets pulled from (act as a source) and additionally add any other widgets of our choice.

The following screenshot should explain it better:

The beauty of this thing is that when we make any changes in the widgets from source sidebar, they get automatically reflected wherever the sidebar has been duplicated!

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