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WordPress 3.0.4 Update: Nothing to Fear Here

If you haven’t noticed, some controversy surrounded the recently released WordPress 3.0.4 update. Apparently, someone reported that the 3.0.4 update contained a security vulnerability. This report was proved false so I’ll spare you the details on this page.

The release is in fact critical because it fixes a core security bug in WordPress’ HTML sanitation library. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what that means. Just know that WordPress.org rates it as “critical” and get yourself updated.

Our lead developer, Chris Jean, is subscribed to this site that gives many development and security updates. You can subscribe to updates in the site’s sidebar.

When Chris catches wind of an update, he checks WordPress News to find information about the release. The Releases category allows for easy scanning through previous release announcements.


When it comes to WordPress releases, minor updates are noted by a change in the last number of the title. For example, you can see 3.0.4 is a minor update because the last update was 3.0.3.

Remember, “minor” does not mean non-essential. It’s just not a drastic overhaul or huge, complex release.

Those are for the big updates, whose changes are noted by the second digit in the title. For example, WordPress will soon release 3.1. This is a big update and thus deserves it’s own special, middle digit.

Chris warns that, while you should generally check into every update that comes your way, you need to be more careful with the big updates, as they are more complex and could cause issues with your WordPress site.


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