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Giving Back: iThemes Turns 3

January 2011 marks the third anniversary of the official beginning of iThemes.

On January 1, 2008, Cory Miller committed himself to working full-time on creating the best, most easy-to-use themes and tools to help designers and novice WordPress users create rockin’s websites they could be proud of.

The Theme Store launched just three weeks later on January 24th. And as you can see from the team profiles,  and the sites at iThemes.com, PluginBuddy.com and WebDesign.com, we have grown by leaps and bounds in the three short years.

Without the support of so many people, both individually and as groups, we would not have been able to do everything we’ve done and impacted so many businesses in powerful ways. So we have decided to dedicate this anniversary month to Giving Back.

  • Giving Back to our community of customers.
  • Giving Back to our local community.
  • Giving back to the WordPress community.

We’ll share details over the next several weeks, including some fun ways for you to get in on it.  Be sure to tune in to the live show at iThemes.tv, as well as a great series of blog posts highlighting some of the giving that’s already happened, including some highlights featuring members of our community.

Want to read what Cory said at the one year mark? Here are his reflections.

You’ll see that not only has iThemes maintained a consistent and contributing presence in the WordPress community, you’ll also notice the consistency of Cory’s message about what’s important. A nice bit of integrity, wouldn’t you say? :)



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