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iThemes.tv for 1-4-11

It’s a new year and our THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by giving back to our communities:

  • you – LoopBuddy will be FREE
  • local – The Spero Project
  • WordPress

Look for exciting new developments for Builder from lead developer Chris Jean.

In today’s “Uncle Coco’s Book Nook”, Cory suggests “Why Johnny Can’t Brand” by Bill Schley and Carl Nichols Jr.


  1. I enjoy the family atmosphere surrounding your weekly program… though I often watch it after the fact. But given the time constraints many of your viewers doubtlessly have, that could well be the case with many. Perhaps your viewing audience would consistently increase if you set forth a program, of sorts, by which LATER VIEWERS might gather the ‘meat’ of instruction they seek.

    Its along the lines of ‘Branding’, but especially ‘Book Reading’ of which Cory spoke. Having the opportunity to discover that which you dearly seek to learn and at the same time having the immediate ability to go directly to it.

    Perhaps during the video editing process you might add onto the front minute a Table of Contents which identifies the approximate point (minute) of the video that such and such a topic begins to unfold. A viewer would then be able to scroll across to that point which interested him or her. Then, when time afforded he or she the viewer could return to the Contents and identify another topic of interest most dear. All being done without having to view the entire video each and every time our personal time allows in order to review and learn one or more points of interest… which, of course, almost always negates the continued willingness of the viewer to do so.

    The most difficult part of this is really quite simple. Aside from minimal video editing, all anyone has to do would be to identify the minute point each topic begins. But if cognizant of the need to do so, then it could easily be captured by any number of people on the show – before or aft of the camera.

    Yes, I know that occasionally things sometimes switch around a bit and topics become intermixed, but the largest content of each topic is generally in its own area during each show.

    Thank you,




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