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LoopBuddy preview!


…is one of the most overused words in the English language.

It’s so overused that, when a truly revolutionary product comes along, you have to find another word for it so that people don’t automatically lump it in with all those other “revolutionary” ideas (because, you know, having the Beatles on iTunes was truly a progressively important landmark in history).

So, we won’t call our upcoming plugin, LoopBuddy, revolutionary. Instead we’ll find a more appropriate description like:

  • Unprecedented
  • Needed
  • Mind-blowing
  • Useful
  • Customizable
  • Easy

“There really is an endless amount of possibilities that you could do with this”     – Dustin Bolton

What is LoopBuddy?

To answer that question, you first need to know what The Loop is.

Basically, The Loop is how WordPress displays what people see on your front end.

The way things are now, if you want to personalize The Loop, you need to be a sword slingin’, board breakin’ code ninja, or at least know quite a bit of PHP.

LoopBuddy solves that problem:

  • Customize the look and feel of your front page
  • Customize individual pages in your site
  • All without knowing any PHP

Query Editor lets you determine exactly which posts show up on your page. If you don’t want to totally delete a post but just need it hidden for the time being, Query Editor is there for you.

Leave the code-monkeying-around to us and be finally free to customize your site to your heart’s content.

Sound awesome? Check out the videos in this post. LoopBuddy developer Dustin Bolton gives a detailed preview LoopBuddy and its Query Editor.

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  1. Wow, just wowowowow. Time to super-charge your blog and take WordPress to the next level. Well done guys, releasing this free is an amazing gesture.

  2. Fantastic addition to the plug-in series! I bought the suite package a few months back and Have been nothing short of thankful for the customer support… I think the fact that this will be seamless with builder and all its tolling is what makes this product the next best plugin released by you guys!



  3. Looks pretty cool, but I can’t find a download link anywhere.

    Is it possible to have the query editor actually display the generated loop code itself?

    • It will be released some time around February 1st. We should be able to provide a way to display the generated loop code; that will be a useful way to teach.

  4. Can you go over how this plugin will integrate into a theme. For example how you would call a specific theme template to utilize a custom loop, or is this done through a hook in WP? In which case, I’m guessing there are multiple view settings for home, single, page, category, etc.

    It sounds like a great addition for builder. I’m just curious how it will integrate on other themes.

    • Integration will be primarily available via Widget Areas, Shortcodes, or direct via PHP. This will allow you to place any of your created loops anywhere. We also have some additional ways for easily replacing certain loops such as those that create each page or the main blog loop.

  5. I’m holding off on hiring someone to make the changes I need made that now I can do myself with loop buddy. 5 more days till Feb 1 – hope that’s still the target release date!

  6. @Suzanne Some finishing touches are requiring some other team members that are currently working on finishing up some other priority work to get to this so we are a little behind schedule. It’s terribly close though.

    • Hi Matt,
      LoopBuddy release has been temporarily placed on hold to focus on BackupBuddy 2.0 release. We intend on releasing LoopBuddy as soon as possible after BackupBuddy 2.0 launches.

      BackupBuddy 2.0 is still on track for release around very end of March or very beginning of April.

      One thing that keeps coming up is the simpler the developers try to make it for the end user, the more complex it becomes on the developer end of things. You can read a post about How We Make Things Simple For You for a little more background.

  7. I was just about to upload query posts so i can place my posts inside my widget and i came across the loopbuddy. Is this a alternative to the query post pluggin?
    and can i display posts anyway i want



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