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How to Manually Send a Backup to Your Amazon S3 Account

In this short tutorial, support tech Josh Benham shows how to quickly and easily send a backup file to your Amazon S3 account using BackupBuddy.


  • After you’ve created your backup, WordPress gives you the option to send it by S3.
  • Remember, before you can send your backup by S3, you have to enter your S3 login credentials in the Backup Buddy “Settings” page.
  • On your Amazon S3 page, you’ll select which to which Bucket the backup is sent.
  • On your WordPress backup page, select the “S3” button. If all your info is correct, your should enter the S3 upload queue.
  • Remember, you must visit your site on another page to trigger the backup’s upload.
  • Shazam! Almost like magic, you should see your backup on your S3 site in a matter of seconds.

See, what did I tell you? Quick and easy!

If you’re having trouble with your S3 upload, click the “Test S3 Settings” button on your WordPress backup page to ensure BackupBuddy has all your S3 info correct.



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