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Have You Hugged Your Blog Today?

OK, so maybe hugging your blog isn’t the cool thing to do. But showing it some love and respect is.

Think about it…blogs are a lot like relationships – if you don’t give them attention and let them know you’ve got their back, things will fall apart when a crisis hits – such as a server crash.

You can show your blog you’ve got it’s back by BACKING THE DARN THING UP!

The BackupBuddy plugin is the EASIEST way to do this – plus you can use it to restore and even migrate your site to a whole new hosting company.

Two things you want to know:

1. There is a 25% off coupon for BackupBuddy, but only through January 31st.  (That’s a Monday, which is when you’re generally swamped getting the week started, so go ahead and get it now so you won’t forget.
Coupon code: RESOLVE2011

2. There is a FREE WEBINAR to teach you HOW TO USE BackupBuddy – this Wednesday, Jan. 19th, at 11am Central. That’s coming up fast.

Reserve your seat today https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/905587099

And remember to use your 25% off coupon before it runs out. Coupon code: RESOLVE2011


  1. It has taken me a while to find you again. I remember reading once a post about changing the dates of you blog post. How you went with that? Do you remember?

    • Hi Karina,
      Just checking to make sure somebody got back with you on this. If not, can you explain your question and I’ll try to answer. Or better yet, go to the support forum for the theme you have and you’ll find the answer there.

  2. Hi Nina,

    I signed up for the Affiliate program but have not heard anything.

    I;m a webdesign member and attend all of Benjamin’s webinars.

    Please let me know how to join the Affiliate program.



    • Hi Jerry,
      I received another copy of this comment today – so just wanted to make sure it was all taken care of last week when I responded via email. You said you received the welcome email and how to log in to your affiliate account.
      Let me know if there’s something else you need.



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