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New Builder Child Themes Released

We have a few new Builder child themes that we are excited to announce today. First, we have two new color versions of Ionic.

Ionic – Sky

Live Demo

Ionic – Green

Live Demo

We have also added a few new themes to the Americana series.

Americana – Mojave

Live Demo

Americana – Libertas

Live Demo

Americana – Interstate

Live Demo

For our existing Builder customers, you can (as always) download these and all of our other Builder child themes for free in your member area. If you are new to Builder, but want to check them out, head over to the Builder page to find out more.


  1. Hi Matt, any chance you can develop an Iconic builder theme with a newbie interface to change background and nav colors without getting into code? Thanks

    • Background images and colors are handled by Builder rather than the child themes. With style-manager, you can easily change both colors and background without ever opening the stylesheet.


      • Background images and colors come mostly from the child theme if I am not mistaken, not Builder (unless of course, a certain element’s style from Builder is not getting overridden by the child theme’s CSS).

  2. So can the background images and colors be change in the child themes without touching code? Say I want to make a site using the Ionic theme but want brown colors instead of the blue or green? Is that possible? Thanks for more info.

  3. I’d love to see more themes in the tannish colors of your Essence–gold and Essence-red. If you had Iconic in those types of tones, I would have used it this week.

    • Hi Winnie,
      Have you tried using the Style Manager plugin that comes with Builder? If you are using Builder, Style Manager makes it easy to change colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. on any of the child themes without having to know anything about code.

      In essence, you could create your own color version of the Iconic child theme.
      It also gives you a live preview, so you can see what the changes would look like in a sort of “practice mode” before you make it live on your site.

  4. Using the Iconic Green theme, how do I divide the content area into columns as shown in the demo? I like the pictures across the content area with the corresponding text below in columns.



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