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Free Webinar: Getting Started with iThemes Builder

We are offering a FREE webinar on iThemes Builder Basics Friday, January 28 at 10 a.m.

iThemes Builder is the ultimate site-building tool. No other WordPress theme gives you as much customization control without the hassle of code.

Think of code and code-writers like middlemen. No one likes dealing with a middleman, except maybe the middleman.

Now think of Builder like the ultimate cutting-out of the middleman. Your ideas for your site can go straight from your head to a finished product with nothing getting in the way of your creativity.

“Your themes rock! Before I’ve had to make things in Photoshop and send them to a programmer to code the html for the website, but now I can do it all myself. Good stuff.”

–Steve C

WebDesign.com professor Benjamin Bradley will take you through everything you need to know about getting started with Builder:

  • We’ll discuss the plugins that come w/ Builder
  • Benjamin will cover features and how to use them to make building your site easy
  • You’ll learn how to create layouts and how to make different layouts on different pages or posts
  • By the webinar’s end, you will know how to work with Builder without touching any code

Reserve you spot today and start unleashing your creativity with ease.

And remember to follow @iThemes on Twitter.


    • Replays of the WebDesign.com webinars are available to WebDesign.com members. They’re great because, while the webinars are broadcast live, the replays are posted on Vimeo and are not live, allowing you to play, pause and search through them at your own speed. If you’d like to catch the webinar you missed, check out a WebDesign.com membership.

      • Hi Ryan,

        Thanks for the information. But I am not a webdesign member. But I bought the builder. I am really confused having different affililitions and different products already. Both should be treated as different entities (Ithemes and WebDesign)

        Techinically speaking, yes the webinar is finished and it’s only available to members of webdesign. But recently, I bought Ryan Deiss mobile local fusion for $97 and they really go beyond just providing the course. They are doing two webinars per month (there is no time limit for the webinars, sometimes the webinars gone more than two hours). After that they put those webinars in the members area for everybody to watch and download unlimited.
        That’s what I call as going an extra mile for the customers. I wouldn’t think twice next time to buy Ryan’s product.

        People who comes back for replays will always buy some other product. There is a marketing angle in there.

        I know you guys are rocking (monthly webinars etc) but just my two cents. I am a happy customers but am I be your raving fans?
        No not yet!


      • Thank you, Sridhar, and apologies to Narendra and Dee. I posted that comment before I was made aware that the Builder video replays would be free.



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