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Sneak Peek at New Import/Export Features in iThemes Builder

On the live iThemes show, Chris Jean gave a sneak peek at what we’ll see when the new Import/Export functionality of iThemes Builder rolls out.

This is a major upgrade to iThemes Builder – one we know you will be excited about. Developers will love it because it allows them to quickly install and entire customized website – layouts and all. The end users will love it because it will make replicating their site so much easier.

Big thanks go out to Chris for all the work he’s putting into this. His desire for perfection will ensure a top-notch roll out.

As soon as it’s ready to roll, we will let you know.

In the meantime, here’s what you can expect to see in your WP dashboard once you download the updated version.

Import/Export Screenshot
(Click to enlarge)

Basic Import Options Screenshot
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Let us know what you think.


    • Hey Brandon, as soon as we’re ready to go with any testing or roll out, we’ll announce it here and via tweets. Make sure you’re following @ithemes and @ithemesbuilder on twitter.

  1. Wow, this looks awesome. Based on the import screen, it didn’t look as if there were a standard setting to import both layouts AND views. Will an option to do that make it into the final version?

    • Hi Dion,
      I think if you select “custom” under what to import, you can determine which layouts and/or view to import.
      I’ll ask Chris to comment just in case I’m off base.


    • The “Replace” option will remove all the existing layouts and views followed by importing all the layouts and views from the selected import.

      The “Add” option doesn’t add views because it quickly becomes difficult to manage collisions between existing views and imported views as well as possible collisions between imported and existing layouts. So, the “Add” option is limited to just adding layouts to keep the feature more manageable.

      The “Custom” option gives more granular control over how both layouts and views are imported, allowing for the user to determine what should be kept and what should be removed while taking care of the collisions at the same time.

      It is management of all of these collisions and giving proper management of their resolution that is currently in the finishing stages.

  2. I’m not gettign a good sense of the functionality here…will this feature allow me to import a clients basic HTMl site and convert it to WP and more specifiaclly Builder? or is it just for sites already built using WP?

  3. I noticed on the screenshot there is a Style Manager link on the left… Is that available already, or is that coming soon… That would be awesome!!

  4. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all the great work

    My question:

    For what things would it be appropriate to use the new Import/Export function you are adding to Builder,
    for what things would Backup Buddy be more appropriate



    • The Import/Export feature is meant to be a way to transfer or restore Builder-specific layouts and settings. BackupBuddy can transfer or restore an entire site, complete with all the content, media library files, plugins, themes, settings, etc.

      The two are similar in a way, but completely different in both scope and purpose.

      The reason for the creation of the import/export feature is that there wasn’t a way for developers to build a set of layouts to work on a Builder site on a local development system and then easily deploy those layouts to an existing production Builder site. There are some other uses and features beyond that single scenario, but that is the reason for its creation.



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