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iThemes.tv Supports Injured Police Officer

On today’s live iThemes.tv show, Cory Miller and the team talked about  supporting a local police officer who was severely injured.

Officer Chad Peery was off duty, watching a basketball game with family at a local pub. The pub staff, knowing he was a police officer, asked if he would help them deal with some belligerent patrons. In the process of doing so, he was brutally attacked and beaten unconscious by the men, who then fled the scene. Officer Peery was taken to the hospital where it was determined he had a broken neck and is paralyzed.

Several iThemes team members have family members in law enforcement, so the incident and the outpouring of support were particularly moving. You could feel the emotion on the live show. This also fits right in with the iThemes reputation of being committed to the community and giving back – something they have always done, but are focusing on even more this year via various projects.

iThemes encourages you to get involved in your own community and give back wherever possible.

If you’d like to learn more about the incident, the officer, and how you can help, whether you are in Oklahoma or not, visit ChadPerryFund.org.


  1. iThemes Team members,

    Thank You for you support in this officers time of need,

    As an iThemes user, and a law enforcement employee I appreciate you committment to the community. It’s a tough job…Thanks for supporting those who come to the call for help without regard…




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