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Video Replay: BackupBuddy EXPOSED

BackupBuddy, the all-in-one solution for back up, migration and restoration, is now being used on over 13,000 sites!

Part of the beauty of BackupBuddy – other than that it’s so easy to work with – is that it gives you peace of mind. Sort of like the ultimate security blanket. If something happens to your site, such as getting hacked, your server crashes, or you unintentionally delete something critical, BackupBuddy rides in to save the day. Well, if you’re USING it, that is.

Recently WebDesign.com hosted a webinar called BackupBuddy EXPOSED. Normally the video replay of these webinars are only available to members of WebDesign.com. We decided to treat this webinar as a “public service”, so are making it available to everyone. It describes some of the “best practices” when it comes to using BackupBuddy most effectively.

In the video you’ll learn step-by-step instructions for scheduing backups. sending your backups to other, secure locations, migratuing your site to a new server, and restoring your whole site, or just a database. You’ll even see how BackupBuddy changes your site’s URLs during migration.

BackupBuddy EXPOSED


  1. I have just gotten passed the half way point, and all this coding and database stuff doesn’t make this backup plugin look easy, it makes it look difficult, and I can’t see backing up with something so damn difficult.



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