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BackupBuddy Has a Birthday!

BackupBuddy 1.0 was released on March 4, 2010, making this past Friday it’s one year birthday!
We are now on version 1.3.20, an indicator of the consistent focus on relentless improvement demonstrated by the development team.

I asked Dustin Bolton, lead developer, why he thinks BackupBuddy has been such a runaway success. Here’s what Dustin had to say:

BackupBuddy really excels in being an all-in-one backup solution as it handles backup, restoration, & migration – AND each of these features have powerful options to tailor it to your needs and environment. Every site and situation is different, but BackupBuddy has shown to be flexible and powerful enough to solve the needs of the over 16,000 sites currently running it.

What’s also great about BackupBuddy is that it truly is a solution for the masses. Anyone with a WordPress site who can click a mouse can use BackupBuddy…you don’t have to know anything fancy to have it work for you.

Here’s what a few other users have had to say about BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is an amazing plugin for backing up or even moving your WordPress blog, if you don’t have it, get it. –Grant Griffiths, Headway Themes

BackupBuddy is a ‘home run’. — WPTavern

I already used your [BackupBuddy] plugin 3 times today and it saved me 1 1/2 of work from Moving a site from Dev to Published. I just have to say how grateful i am, and honestly will consider now buying some of your themes … I am super happy, now i can rest on this Sunday. –Gregorio R.

As you may have heard, the team is hard at work on BackupBuddy 2.0, with high hopes of releasing it later this month. I haven’t seen all the details for what will be included in this new release, but I have heard the word “magical” used to describe what it can do.

Like the rest of you, I’m waiting with barely contained anticipation.

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