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Import/Export Feature in iThemes Builder [webinar video]

The video replay of the webinar on the brand new Import/Export feature in iThemes Builder 2.8.0 is now available! In this 1 1/2 hour video led by Chris Jean, lead developer for Builder, you will learn what the Import/Export does, when you might want to use it, and when it makes more sense to use BackupBuddy. Chris also reviews all the other changes he incorporated into Builder 2.8.0.

All iThemes Builder users should watch this video to learn what is possible. Those of you involved in web design and development as a career will be especially excited!

We did have some technical difficulties with the video, including the picture being a bit fuzzy.
If you log in to your own dashboard and look at the Import/Export feature first, or at the same time, it will help you understand even better.

To view the Import/Export feature in your site, first make sure you have iThemes Builder version 2.8.0 installed and a child theme activated. (For complete instructions on upgrading Builder, go to the iThemes Codex.)

Next, in your dashboard, navigate to My Theme > Settings.
This is what you will see at the top:

Note that the Import/Export tab will be grayed out until you click on it.

Import/Export Feature in iThemes Builder 2.8.0



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