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BackupBuddy 2.0 Feature Peek

In celebration of BackupBuddy’s successful year of backing up WordPress sites (over 16,000 to date!) we’ve been hard at work in once again setting the bar higher for WordPress backup solutions with BackupBuddy version 2.0. With well over 75 new features and enhancements this version is sure to further improve and strengthen the power that BackupBuddy puts in your hands. When can you get it? We’re aiming around late March.

While there are too many features to list one-by-one (and some just too secret to release right now), the list below helps give an idea of some of the many improvements coming. A great deal of focus has been put on improving reliability and usability with this major release as well.

This list is by no means comprehensive and leaves out some Top Secret features to be unveiled in the near future.  We are saving the best for last — stay tuned for those.

New Features

  • Enhanced built-in help with popup in-page video tutorials throughout
  • More remote storage methods: Rackspace Cloud Storage, Dropbox.com, & Amazon S3
  • High security mode backups (database & admin password stripped for security or making ready-to-deploy packaged sites — developers: sell pre-packaged ready-to-go configured sites!)
  • Background manual backups (start a backup, close your browser, and walk away)
  • Configure remote backup destination & notifications per schedule (developers: use this to set up scheduled backups of your clients’ sites to your servers & get notified, even if the customer adds their own schedules!)
  • Server Information section: server diagnosis, basic security checks, server benchmarking (how slow is your server?), graphical space usage charting (easily see where your space is being used up on your server), CRON viewer, and much more
  • Backup on creating or editing a post or page (never forget to backup again!)
  • Detailed database table inclusion/exclusion options (make sure everything you want is backed up and nothing more)
  • Directly pull backups to destination server via importbuddy (streamline migrations/restorations without having to download and re-upload files over your connection)


  • Better support for larger sites (especially those with large databases)
  • Improved compatibility with slower servers
  • Improved feedback during backup & restore processes
  • Better error handling & recovery in case something goes wrong
  • Improved backup integrity checking performance (be confident in your backups)
  • Streamlined and simplified backup & restore process (easier to use but just as powerful)

Much much more…


  1. What a tease! BackupBuddy may just be the most important software I use, but now it’s gonna be better? Be still my heart. And thanks for listening to your customers once again…you guys are great.

  2. This is exciting news. I love BackupBuddy for moving WordPress sites from development to live servers and backing up client sites. Can’t wait to see the 2.0 awesomeness.

  3. Did you add the functionality to limit the amount of backups..so instead of just adding and adding, we can limit it to only keeping 10 or so. That would do wonders with space management.

    • @Joel

      Yes, this option is available in the BackupBuddy settings. By default, it is set to “0” which allows unlimited backups.

      Note that this setting only applies to local backups and does not affect FTP or S3 backups at this time.

  4. Hi, I really like the plug-in, I actually bought the 5-sites license. However, it’s not usable because I’m on RackSpace Cloudsite and their firewall times out after 30secs…

    I think that this could be fixed by keeping the connection alive until the job is done. I hope that you’ll be able to integrate that in the upcoming version.

  5. It’s mid April. I was curious if BackupBuddy 2.0 is available? When I log into my account I still only see v1.3.20. If it’s not out now, when do you anticipate it will be released? If it is available now, where and how can I download 2.0?



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