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How to Set Full Width to Modules in Builder

By default all modules in Builder are only as wide as the container they are in. This width is defined when creating/editing a layout in Builder’s Layout Manager.

But did you know that it is possible to make any, some or all modules full width? i.e, have them 100% wide stretching from left edge of browser to the right edge.

Update: Since Builder 4.0.0, it just takes a single line of code in child theme’s functions.php to make modules full width.

It is:

add_theme_support( 'builder-full-width-modules' );

While the following method still does work, it is no longer needed/recommended.

Check out the before and after screenshots of Builder child theme, Foundation Blank in which all the modules have been made 100% wide.



Click on the links below to go to Builder codex which explains how to make modules full width.

How to have full width (100% wide background) modules


  1. How can I make module real full width – 100% width I mean?

    I do not want background to be 100% but module itself – please take a look at gucci.com – they have this slider that is centered with active content but the rest of it is on the left and on the right side. To make it work you need 100% screen width.

    Thank you for your tutorial.




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