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Welcome to Justin Kopepasah, Our Newest iThemes Team Member

We are excited to introduce you to Justin Kopepasah!Justin Kopepasah

Justin is our new part-time front-end developer. He’ll be working primarily with Matt Danner and Brad Ulrich developing fantastic looking child themes for iThemes Builder.

Part of the reason we’re so excited to have Justin join the team is that he pushes the front-end envelope on theme development. His designs are so evolved and unique that even when they are based on another theme, you have to look at the code to know for sure. (He used to create Thesis designs, but you’d never know it to look at them.)

We are looking forward to see the creativity he brings to iThemes and Builder.

When I asked Justin to explain what being a front-end developer meant, he said:

Think of web development like building a car. While Chris (Jean) creates the underbody (framework, engine, drive train, etc.) that makes the car actually run well, a “front-end” developer is the person who creates the awesomeness that the user sees (outer body, paint job, rims, leather seats, etc.).

Justin is a native of Oklahoma – born here and lived here all his life. He is currently attending the University of Central Oklahoma and will graduate next year with a degree in marketing. He recently married JuYoung Kopepasah, a beautiful fitness instructor from South Korea. (They met at a local Salsa dance studio.)

He says his design portfolio is so out of date that he won’t even share the link, but you can check out his site, JustinKopepasah.com, which he says is currently being redesigned.
(We know he’ll fit in well because he changes his site, and theme designs on his site, constantly.)

Justin also says he likes to stand in long lines and chug scalding hot coffee. We aren’t quite sure what that means…but we’re glad to have him here.

Welcome, Justin!

Follow Justin on twitter.


  1. Hey Justin,
    Just a short glad to see you and welcome to the iThemes team. I’m sure we all can’t wait to see your work in making Builder THE WP theme.
    Best regards,

  2. Again: congrats on the move. Thanks for lending us your talent at Robyn. This move to iThemes is an absolutely perfect fit for you, I wish you and the team much success. Give Cory my regards.

  3. I’m so looking forward to your Builder Child Theme designs. You’ve got quite an eye for style and design.



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