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New Plugin Ideas?

We would like to hear what you want to see next. Recently our development team has been working hard on maintaining and updating our existing plugins. But we also want to make new plugins that you would like to see.

Please post a comment here with any ideas or requests.


  1. A simple way to make online petitions. I’ve been doing this with php an gravityforms, for example, lightthewhitehouseblue.org and prostatecancerpetition.org, but, a simple plugin that captures name, email, zip code in exel file AND has a short code that will display the Number of sign-ons on a page.

  2. I was trying to determine whether Tabber allows shortcode for inserting inside a page rather than inside a widget. Forum moderators said back in 2010 that this was on the list of things to do and would be relatively easy to accomplish (paraphrasing, of course).

    I don’t believe that was ever done (right? I don’t see any shortcode in the Tabber admin page). Tabber is a handy little plugin for various situations, and it would be great to have shortcode capability for it!

  3. I would like a plugin like VidEmbed but audio file Audio Player (mp3, ogg, wav), especially that Support for Amazon S3 hosted audio and Streaming MP3 support similar to Cincopa WordPress Audio Player Plugin.

  4. I’d love to see an events plug-in that has sidebar widget, calendar page and ability to add it via a blog post. There are some out there but not very good.

    Also, an easy client portfolio plug-in that has ability to add an image with a description area preferably to the side, kind of like a two-column table.

  5. I would like to see a megamenu plugin, CDN plugin to offload static files to s3 or similar, more layouts for the exsisting plugins and a custom post type plugin with loopbuddy integration.


  6. I second Cyndi’s second request for a portfolio plugin with room for description on side, bottom or top that would be simple enough for clients to update!

  7. I’d love to see a basic invoicing system that ties in with PayPal and/or Authorize.net.

    Also, a Shopping Cart plugin from you guys would probably be better than the others currently on the market. :)

  8. Absolutely second the events manager plugin – esp. if it contained an option to keep events out of the main blog index (or have them as pages, etc)

    Would love a testimonials plugin that allowed for rotating or static testimonials to be displayed insidebars, in pages/posts, and as a static page of testimonials – organized by category (ie: service type, product) and with media capability (so photos, audio/video testimonials) and a testimonial submission form, so clients could submit their own tetimonials for approval. There is a program out there that I’ve used (Testimonial Director), but would love a plugin.

  9. This is not a plugin idea, but a request for Backup Buddy features. I’d like to use it on clients’ sites… without them being able to freely access my Amazon S3 login. How about an extra layer of login in order to get to the settings, just like you have to change the site key?

  10. Haven’t checked all comments here, is just a quick visit. Love look of your other plugins and intend of buying some, plus a theme or two.

    Agree with Alvaro – would be great to have an audio player plugin similar to vidembed

    Also agree with Tracy about a ‘testimonial’ plugin, but was wondering if perhaps ‘rotating text’ plugin could do this (in your displaybuddy suite)?

    Have you created a membership plugin? Similar to Wishlist Member Plugin? – and integrate it with email buddy perhaps?

    A ‘download manager’ plugin – protected download areas?

    A Ratings plugin (there are others, but I’m sure yours would be better)

    Contact form where people can attach/upload items?

    Will think more on this. Again, absolutely love your site and products!

  11. It would be nice to have a footer plugin. Where you can configure a list (UL) to display various pages for common topics such as privacy policy, site map, acknowledgments (where I rant about how great ithemes, webdesign, and plugin buddy have assisted in building my site)copyright notice etc.. It is a standard list most websites have. Now I would have to modify the footer.php file which you have given instructions on how to do. It would be cleaner if a plugin was created to avoid having to code. It would also make the site more professional. Anyone having an e-commerce site needs to display certain information (privacy policy). Anyway, thanks for having an area where we can make suggestions.


  12. Thanks Skyler.

    I’ve been using builder for a little over a month now and its amazing!

    I think it would be great to be able to hide certain dashboard menus or sub menus for clients while the administrator still has full access to all menus. (eg.For client user– From the Appearance menu be able to show widgets and menus only, hide plugins and updates menus totally)

  13. Skyler I have another suggestion, i don’t know if this would be possible.

    An admin site manager where a web developer can create a list of all his websites and manage them from one place.(builder,plugins and wordpress versions)

    If you had 50 websites and a new update comes out for worpress or builder, you would have to log into every site and update them one by one.

    Is it possible to have something where you would be able to update all 30 sites from one place?

  14. Here’s a killer idea for a plugin: Need a plugin that would add a left nav option in the WP admin area that would allow a web site developer to include training videos and links to PDFs to instruct a client how to use the site you developed for them.

    I think this would be a killer plugin for developers as every Customer I’ve developed WordPress sites for always need some level of training on how to use WordPress. I hate directing them to a site that only has generic WordPress videos as it doesn’t really address how to do things in the specific installation that I have created for them.

    Ideally, you could choose whether to have it directly beneath the Dashboard link or lower, you could relabel the link so it could be something like ‘Start Here’ or ‘Video Tutorials’ or something relevant.

    The page that clicking the link shows within the admin area could just include links to videos that open another browser (like the startup videos included in the iThemes themes), or, the page could include thumbnails of the videos and/or play within the admin-area page (instead of launching a separate page).

    It should be able to play videos located within the same site’s server, or pull from sites like YouTube or Vimeo, or pull from an Amazon S3 account.

    It wouldn’t need to come with any videos (maybe one replaceable video to demonstrate how it could be used).

    It shouldn’t be iThemes “branded” since developers will be using it to remind their clients of THEIR brand. So, there should be somewhere a developer could enter a link back to their site, or, optionally, include an email link or phone number.

    It would be helpful if the page could be styled somewhat so a developer could represent him/herself professionally to the client. Also, so the developer could present just a few videos or several in whatever manner looks best to them.

    I don’t think this would be too complicated to code and would really provide a LOT of value to the developers in the face of their clients. It also helps them keep their name in front of clients and even provide continuing support when things change within WordPress or if their site gets changed.

    I hope you’ll consider putting this together.



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