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ThumbsUp Plugin Preview – WordPress Premium Plugin

ThumbsUp, the next premium WordPress plugin to be released by PluginBuddy, allows you to vote up or down on a group of items. ThumbsUp was developed by Ronald Huereca. Look for it later this week!

This plugin, which will be included in the PluginBuddy Developer Suite, has many features to give your site that special added touch helping your readers engage more with your content, remain on your site longer, and increase the chances of them sharing your site with others.

If you develop sites for other people, using ThumbsUp will set you apart from the average web designer. Your sites will look splashy, and your clients will be able to add their own voting categories if they manage their own sites.

ThumbsUp is a very versatile plugin. You will be able to:

  • display voting groups on pages and posts, as well as in any widget area.
  • order the voting items in multiple ways – a specific order, random order, by date of inclusion, etc.
  • add videos just by pasting the URL
  • view detailed statistics for each voting group
  • and much more

You’ll also be able to change the icon set, as well as style the plugin yourself if you wish!

Visitors to your site will be able to:

  1. Vote up/down on all items within a voting group.
  2. Can change their vote for the individual item.
  3. Vote only once per item (however, they can still change their vote).

Check out the 9-minute demo video below to see how easy this plugin is to work with and what a powerful tool it can be for engaging your readers.

ThumbsUp Plugin

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