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How to Use PluginBuddy Developer Suite to Grow Your Business and Save Money

The PluginBuddy Developer Suite may be one of the best kept secrets in the WordPress world.

Web designers have caught on to it – recognizing what a huge savings it is if they are going to use more than one plugin for their clients. And they’ve figured out how to use BackupBuddy (2.0 coming out Tuesday) to add additional revenue streams to their business.

What you might not know is that the Suite is also a rather impressive deal for people who want to use plugins just on their personal or individual sites, as well as businesses with more than one site.

In other words, if you were thinking in terms of the “personal” license or the “business” license, you will actually save money by selecting the Developer Suite instead.

(Honestly, I don’t think the anyone else on the team has done the math on this, so I wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible before anybody decides to up the prices!)

If you were going sign up even for just the personal license for the plugins (except EmailBuddy, which is only available as part of the Developer Suite) you would pay slightly more than you would for the current full Developer Suite. Check out the chart below.

Crazy but true. The PluginBuddy Developer Suite, originally created with developers and designers in mind, is actually cheaper for the personal plugin user as well.

So you get to save money, while growing your business!

And, of course, with the PluginBuddy Developer Suite, you automatically have the license to use any of the additional plugins released during your membership year.

What does that mean? It means you pay for a one-year license for the Developer Suite and you not only get the current 13 plugins, along with their upgrades and support, you also get ALL the other plugins we release during your year.

This was already great, but it’s even greater now because we’ve brought on additional developers, which means you can count on even more plugins on a regular basis.

For example, we just released ThumbsUp – an awesome plugin for making your site super-sticky and setting it up for viral exposure.

AND, we’ve got 2 more killer plugins in the development for release in the next 2 weeks that are going to change the way you manage and maximize your WordPress site altogether. Sorry – can’t share more than that yet. Just know that they are coming.

Of course, as a PluginBuddy Developer Suite holder, you get them for free as part of your license!

Check out the chart below to see the comparison, then head over to the PluginBuddy Developer Suite to learn more.
(Remember, DisplayBuddy consists of 8+ plugins!)

PluginBuddy Developer Suite

Grow your business. Save money. Be Awesome.



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