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Styling ContactBuddy Using iThemes Builder Extensions

One of the unique features of iThemes Builder is the ability to add extensions that allow you to expand and customize your theme quickly.

We all know that ContactBuddy looks kind of plain and simple, but custom styles can be added quickly with a simple file upload and a few clicks of a button.

Just check out this video and see!

Obviously first you will need to create the extension. No worries because I have one here for you to download. Next you will need to add the extension to you extensions folder located within your Builder theme.

Once you have uploaded the folder, you will now have the Extension of ContactBuddy available to choose from. Simply add that extension to you default layout or create a new layout and use that layout on your contact page.

If you want to make changes to the ContactBuddy extension, simply edit the style.css file to suit your needs!




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