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BackupBuddy 2.0 Now Available!

BackupBuddy 2.0 Released!BackupBuddy 2.0 has been released!

This is a major update to the wildly popular BackupBuddy plugin first released in 2010. BackupBuddy is already in use on over 13,000 sites and is predicted to triple that number within the next two quarters.

BackupBuddy, developed by Dustin Bolton, is the #1 solution for backing up, migrating, and restoring your WordPress site.  Whether you’re using it on your own site, or you’re a developer using it to work with client sites, using BackupBuddy 2.0 will bring you true peace of mind – relieving your fears about data loss.

The goal with this update was to make BackupBuddy more versatile and even easier to use. To accomplish that we have incorporated more than 75 new features and enhancements.

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Watch the BackupBuddy 2.0 Webinar replay below, or read about…

Key Improvements:

  • Streamlined flow & usability – Making it even easier to use than ever.
  • Built-in popup tutorial videos – Get stuck? Quickly learn about features & how to use them without even leaving your site.
  • Improved status feedback (simple & advanced) – So you experience less confusion, more confidence, and easier troubleshooting.
  • Improved performance & compatibility
    • Supports larger sites / slower servers
  • Better failure recovery – In case everything goes wrong, you can cleanly recover. This is priceless!
  • More robust archive integrity verification – Giving you unprecedented peace of mind that backups are good.

Key New Features

  • Added support for Rackspace Cloud Storage for remote backups. – So you have more choices and more control!
  • Manage remote Amazon S3, FTP, & Rackspace Cloud backups within BackupBuddy
    • Increases ease of use in managing remote backups.
  • Define remote destinations on a per schedule basis
    • Great for increased reliability of backups & clients providing backup services.
  • Background manual backups – Start the backup and close the page & it continues, so you can get back to work on other important elements.
  • Quick backup after creating or editing a post/page. – Helps you to remember to backup – no more relying just on your own memory or self-discipline.
  • Server Information / Tools – Vital tools for viewing your site status & troubleshooting.
    • Compatibility checking – Make sure your server is configured properly. Relieve stress.
    • File permissions – Make sure your most basic security is correct. Relieve stress.
    • Site size maps – Find where all your space is being used up, increasing usability and control.
    • Database size – Find any excessively large database tables, giving you greater control over the entire backup process.
    • Cron viewer – View, delete, or run scheduled operations in WordPress.
  • Malware Scanner – Check your site for malware – a MAJOR stress reliever!


  • High security mode backups for greater security and site integrity – database & admin password stripped for security or making ready-to-deploy packaged sites — developers: sell pre-packaged ready-to-go configured sites!
  • Configure remote backup destination & notifications per schedule (developers: use this to set up scheduled backups of your clients’ sites to your servers & get notified, even if the customer adds their own schedules!)
  • Detailed database table inclusion/exclusion options (make sure everything you want is backed up and nothing more)
  • Server Information section: server diagnosis, basic security checks, server benchmarking (how slow is your server?), graphical space usage charting (easily see where your space is being used up on your server), and much more

Get BackupBuddy 2.0, or read why the PluginBuddy Developer Suite may be your best option.


    • Right now that is not in the works due to licensing issues with Dropbox. We are hoping they will revisit the requirements in order to support our customers.

    • Yes it should work much more proficiently with dreamhost. All though Dreamhost does not allow access to the command line zip which puts a pretty big dent in the process

    • Hi Dave,
      Backupbuddy supports wordpress versions 2.9+ so unfortunately no it will not work with a blog with that wordpress version. If you look on the backupbuddy sales page under the FAQ at “server requirements” it states this there as well.



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