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Lucky 7 – New iThemes Builder Child Theme Released

iThemes.com has just released Lucky 7, the 28th child theme for iThemes Builder! Developer Justin Kopepasah included a number of special features that make this a perfect theme for individual site owners as well as web designers needing a base theme to use with multiple clients.

Some of the special features included in Lucky 7:

  • 7 awesome color palettes – which can be further customized using the Style Manager plugin – giving you a professional look with virtually no effort
  • the ability to select a different color for individual modules – making it easy to super-customize each portion of the page
  • beautiful meta blocks for author infomaking your site (and your authors) stand out from the crowd
  • inset widgets and navigation for a unique, professional look
  • additional custom theme settings, such as a simple setting to change the “read more” text, giving your site a special touch without having to know anything about code
  • built-in iPhone-ready mobile theme
  • and popular rounded corners

Try out the Lucky 7 demo!

Lucky 7 is already available in your member download area.

Don’t have iThemes Builder yet? Get the Builder core plus all 28 child themes now.

“Encased”, ithemes Builder child theme #29, coming soon!

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