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Our Newest Plugin – PluginBuddy ToDo (coming soon)

PluginBuddy ToDo

Many of the plugins created at PluginBuddy are the result of our internal, company needs. We create a tool to help us work better, smarter, more efficiently, and realize it would also be of great benefit to our customer community.

BackupBuddy was the direct result of needing a fail-safe way to preserve (and recover) our data – a need we discovered after a server crash. We needed a way to back up our internal systems, and realized our own customer community had the same pressing need.

With ThumbsUp, we needed a way to rank items internally (for brainstorming).

Our newest plugin in development, PluginBuddy ToDo, is no exception. While PluginBuddy ToDo will fill an internal need, we know the plugin will be extremely beneficial for you as well.

PluginBuddy ToDo, as envisioned, will allow you to create an unlimited amount of transparent To Do lists. It fills a project management need where you can immediately check the status of a group of tasks. Each individual in your organization can also have their own personal To Do lists, which makes it easy to gauge how busy the person is.

Here are some of the features planned for PluginBuddy ToDo:

  • Insert a To Do list on a post or page
  • Assign To Do tasks to users and set due dates
  • Assign priorities and labels to tasks
  • Sort and re-arrange tasks
  • Have a task template for common task groups (e.g., a product launch checklist)
  • Choose which users can add to lists and/or moderate lists (i.e., delete, modify, and sort items)

And to whet your appetite, here’s a wireframe we made of the plugin.

PluginBuddy ToDo Frontend

PluginBuddy ToDo Frontend

You can expect to see this plugin towards the end of May or early June.

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