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New iThemes Builder Child Theme: Encased

Just Released: Encased“, the latest child theme for iThemes Builder.

Encased was designed by Justin Kopepasah (his second theme since joining iThemes), and brings the total number of child themes to 29! It is a simple blogging theme with a dark chromatic layout –  ideal for bloggers who want their content to stand out!

Some of the other features that make this theme special:

  • Unique Navigation Styles – Fixed Left and Top Navigation
  • Encased Content Module – Content Module is ‘encased’ within the layout making it stand out from the other modules.

Check out the full demo.

If you have an active iThemes Builder license, Encased is already available in your member download area.

Don’t have iThemes Builder yet?

When you get the iThemes Builder Core theme,you also get all 29 child themes, and can use the themes on an unlimited number of sites.

Plus it comes with the user-friendly Style Manager, which allows you to customize colors, headlines, fonts, etc. without having to touch a single line of code.

And, of course, iThemes Builder comes with the web designers best friend: Widget Content – making it simple to create nicely designed widget content the same way you create your blog posts – easy bolding, italics, font color, etc.

To be completely honest, we developed iThemes Builder for ourselves because we were tired of the way page templates used to work. With Builder, you can make your own page layouts in seconds without touching any code.

Read more about iThemes Builder!

(If you are a web designer, you might want to consider the All Access Pass for access to over 100 different themes, all of which you can use on an unlimited number of sites.)


  1. Thank you for giving us so many options. I’m always excited when I read a new theme has been developed.

    What I would love to see is a really girly theme with great rounder fonts, as we don’t have one like that in the Builder choices at all.

    The more feminine theme could be for businesses that want to attract females and moms, like beauty salons, wellness companies, etc.

    And I think another soft and cute theme for kiddie topics, like baby products, baby health, etc. would be great


  2. This theme is awesome! Can’t wait to try it out. The nav styles are really unique and it looks really classy and slick.

  3. Kudos to Justin!

    Thank you for this theme. With its always on-screen navigation, this is exactly the kind of theme I would like to use to design web sites.



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