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We Got Amazon Kindles for Our Team

At iThemes, one of our core values is: “Learn and Grow, then Teach and Share.”

Our emphasis for our team as a whole and the individuals in it has been on lifelong learning and on continual improvement and growth.

Our team and I readily acknowledge we have not “arrived” nor will we ever. We always have more to learn. More potential for growth and improvement. We can be better teammates, better developers, better designers, better community helpers, better [insert anything we do].

In fact, we recently had our strategic planning retreat for the year and I asked each individual to come up with personal goals they wanted to achieve as part of our business this year. It was amazing that as we each shared our personal goals with the group that to a person, each of us had a goal related to learning something new.

So, we decided to put our money where our mouth is and build our library …. by getting Amazon Kindles, stocked with the standard issue books we want our team to read, to share.

We’re very proud of our team and the work environment we’re fostering at iThemes!

Check out our Jobs page if you’d love to join us and contribute to our little tribe.

By the way here is some of our growing reading list:

For the rest and more, you’ll just have to watch iThemesTV each Tuesday and pay attention to Uncle Coco’s Book Nook. :)


  1. This is totally awesome! I’m all about personal development and I recently got a Kindle myself. I’ll for sure look these books up.

    I’ve heard Dave Ramsey say that new hires are required to read within 90 days the following:
    – QBQ / Question Behind the Question – John Miller
    – The Go Getter
    – Rhinoceros Success
    – Who Moved My Cheese
    – The Monk of the Merchant

    I’ve read all but the last one. There may be some to add to your collection.



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