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BackupBuddy 2.1 Adds Dropbox Support

BackupBuddy version 2.1 brings the highly requested Dropbox.com support to the table (in addition to the existing Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, and Email destinations).  This integration allows you to schedule backups to be automatically transferred to your Dropbox, manually send backups to Dropbox, and even view, download, or delete backups that are stored on your Dropbox.com account. You can even share your backup with someone else using Dropbox file sharing.

This new feature makes BackupBuddy an even more powerful backup, restore and migration tool. We’re excited that Dropbox has made it possible for PluginBuddy to create this integration.

BackupBussy 2.0 Drobox Integration

One of the easiest way to secure yourself against data loss while using BackupBuddy is to transfer your site backups to a third party location.  A backup that is stored in the same location as your site cannot protect you from a server or harddrive failure — you need to have a copy of the backup in another locationDropbox.com is an easy way to expand your protection – 2GB of storage is even free so you can get started protecting your backups and not even have to pay for storage if your backups aren’t too large.

BackupBuddy also supports Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, and Email for remote backup destinations and remote viewing of existing backups.


    • Hi Mike,
      Are you looking at the history_archived.txt or is it the actual history.txt. The archived one has the history for version 1.0 and the other one has 2.0+

      Regards. Please let us know if you need anything else

  1. How does this handle large websites. I have tried several other backup software which will push the file to dropbox, however, with some of the files being 3-500mb, there seems to be issues getting the file pushed up to dropbox (a memory problem I think?)

    I have a reseller account with hostgator and I think that this supports all the requirements I need.

    Can you confirm how files are uploaded to dropbox?

    • Hi,
      The reason why it is failing is because of how it is sending the file. The dropbox API had been the same since it first started until 4 weeks ago. The only way the API allowed to send the file until 4 weeks ago was just sending it in one large file. Other storage services such as amazon S3 split the file into chunks so it isnt so taxing on memory and resources. Dropbox just implemented something similar but it is still in Beta. You can see this here http://www.dropbox.com/developers/announcements/10 . Right now Backupbuddy sends the files to dropbox the old way. We are planning to implement this as soon as we can. If you have any further questions please ask!


    • Hi,
      There are no current plans to support box.net. To be honest this is the first i have heard of them. Although i can add this to the feature suggestion list for future reference on adding more remote destinations.

      Please let us know if you have further questions!

  2. Hi, I love using backup buddy… what a tool it is. Now I love the function to upload to dropbox.. How about adding features to restore from dropbox?



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