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Rainey Day – Child Theme #32 for iThemes Builder is Here

Rainey Day, the 32nd child theme for iThemes Builder is now live and ready for use.

Rainey Day is a light and subtle, yet dramatic theme designed by Brad Ulrich; and is named in honor of Cory Miller’s niece Rainey who turned 6 the day the theme was announced.

Check out the demo.

If you’ve ever attended the live iThemes.tv shows on Tuesdays at 11am Central Time, you’ve heard Cory talk during Uncle Coco’s Book Nook. Uncle Coco is what Rainey calls her Uncle Cory, so it seemed fitting to honor her in this way. (It also rained most of the week Brad was finishing up the design. )

Brad changed a few things up since the original sneak peek, so you’ll find even more subtle touches.

  • unique fonts and font styling on the nav bar and headlines tags
  • multi-shaded lavender color scheme
  • ribbon graphics for added flair and elegance
  • styling of the author meta data
  • other stylish graphics being used throughout the theme

A .psd file is included with the theme so users can adjust the colors themselves.

As with all current Builder child themes, this theme is included FREE with the purchase of Builder. That means you are getting 32 themes for just the price of Builder (which comes out to 3.03 USD per theme)!

Not using iThemes Builder yet?

Get it here.

And take a look at the latest Builder Basics webinar to see how easy it is to work with.

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