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Justin Seeley Joins the iThemes Team as the Newest Trainer

Last week Cory Miller announced the addition of Justin Seeley to the iThemes team starting June 1st. We were excited when he was able to start working this week!

Like many members of the team at the iThemes family of companies, Justin came to us as a customer first.

Here’s what he said when I asked him about his experience and why he chose us:

“I‘ve been using WordPress for the past three years as my main choice for website development and I love it. The products that the iThemes team produces just make it that much easier, and that’s what I love about what they do. Couple that with the awesome training at WebDesign.com and you’ve got a can’t-miss combo I think. After the first time I used BackupBuddy to migrate one of my WordPress sites I knew I needed to get more involved with these guys because they ‘get it.'”

Justin first came in contact with Cory on Twitter earlier this year. He had decided to get more involved in the WordPress community and started following him… When he saw his tweet about iThemes job openings, he jumped at the chance to work with us. (From all reports, the jumping has been mutual.)

You can read more about Justin in the announcement at WebDesign.com, where he will spend most of his time. You can expect a ton of creative new courses and webinars as well as some great new iThemes shows and product tutorials!

Follow Justin on Twitter, and check out his personal site where he shares his personal thoughts about joining the iThemes team.



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